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What do I do now? Ask two questions.

So – you have a web site for your business, or you know you need one.  You don’t know HTML, PHP, ASP, Java, or Swahili for that matter, and no one on your staff does either.  Your cousin works with computers, and your brother knows a guy who knows a guy.  Do you hire a firm?  Is that too much money?  Do you hire a friend or a free-lancer?  How do you know who to hire, what to have them do?  Where do you turn?

The quick answer is, call us (435.0682) or go to our web site, and we’ll get it done for you.

The longer, more substantive answer is to slow down, close the door, turn off the phone, and grap a pen and paper.  Write down these two questions:

1 – What is the reason I need a web site?

2 – What do I want people to do when they get there?

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